Foreclosure Defense

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments? Are you in danger of losing your home to foreclosure? You are not alone, and you should not participate in this process alone.

Daniel M. Keil makes sure that his clients fully understand their rights and any available options. For more than three decades, Mr. Keil and his staff have diligently guided clients through every step of the complicated foreclosure defense process.

  • Exploring all of your legal options
  • Strongly pursuing your foreclosure defense
  • Properly completing and filing the documents needed to meet the hardship requirements lenders demand before considering modifying your loan and stopping the foreclosure
  • Fighting to allow you to stay in your home while working with your lenders to modify your mortgage and lower your payment

There are many reasons why people fall into hardship, from unemployment to a reduction in works hours, medical bills, divorce, adjustable rate increases, real estate tax increases, insurance premium increases and a death in the family. The list is endless, but they are not reasons to simply give up. The focus should be on today.

Mr. Keil is an experienced attorney in foreclosure defense, and he will work hard to help find you a solution even if your situation appears hopeless. He understands that it is not just a house. It is a home. It is your home, and it is worth fighting for.

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Daniel M. Keil has helped numerous clients in the South Florida community throughout the years, and he is proud to share a few of their stories with you. Click on the image above to learn how he has made a real difference.