Real Estate

You should never sign a contract to buy or sell a home or any other property without first showing it to an experienced attorney whose number one priority is you.

Daniel M. Keil has worked for countless buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. His list of clients includes property owners, builders, developers, businesses and lenders across South Florida. This approach has given him extensive experience and perspective that guarantees thorough and skilled representation.

Unlike large firms, clients have direct access to Mr. Keil who makes it a priority to be intimately involved in every real estate matter.

  • Purchase and Sales
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Real Estate Short Sales
  • Property Owner Foreclosure Defense
  • Residential/Commercial Lease Negotiations
  • Condominium and Association Conflicts
  • Foreclosure Actions

While it is best to contact Mr. Keil before a contract is signed or initial negotiations have begun, he is well versed in local real estate laws and practices, and he can step in at almost any time to manage every aspect of a client’s transaction. His goal, regardless, is to guarantee a more expeditious process, which means he will address any potential complications or disagreements head-on then work through them with a client’s interest top of mind.

Clients will be provided with pre-sale consultations that will address expected steps moving forward, services that will be provided and any and all closing costs and fees.

Title Services

As part of the comprehensive service provided to clients, Mr. Keil is a licensed title insurance agent in Florida for Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. That means can he can fulfill many more of your real estate needs in-house from a search for property liens and title defects to the issuance of a title insurance policy.

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Client Testimonials

Client's Testimonial
Daniel M. Keil has helped numerous clients in the South Florida community throughout the years, and he is proud to share a few of their stories with you. Click on the image above to learn how he has made a real difference.