Short sale

Do you want to move on from a home that is worth less than you owe? A short sale may be your best solution, and a realistic option with the help of an experienced attorney.

Daniel M. Keil has helped numerous clients avoid foreclosure and further losses through real estate short sales that can be more cost effective than the alternatives. As a result, their homes are sold for less money than the total outstanding mortgage balance. It is an arrangement that must be carefully navigated by an experienced attorney who specializes in such transactions and fully understands the negotiation process with banking institutions that are critical to the deal: they must be willing to accept a discounted payoff.

A short sale may be right for you, and Mr. Keil will work with area realtors who are well versed in the South Florida real estate market and lender practices. Ideal candidates may owe more than their home is worth, are behind on their mortgage payments, can no longer afford their home, have been unable to sell the home at a price that covers what is owed on the mortgage, are facing a long-term hardship, and/or are ineligible for a mortgage modification.

Deed in lieu of Foreclosure

Feeling hopeless and on the verge of a foreclosure? An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate the transfer of your title back to your lender

Daniel M. Keil understands that in some cases, the best alternative for his clients is negotiating a deed in lieu of foreclosure with their lenders. Often, these families have little equity and no desire to sell the property in a short sale. Still, they are aware of the threat of a foreclosure and the potential filing of a deficiency judgment against them.

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Daniel M. Keil has helped numerous clients in the South Florida community throughout the years, and he is proud to share a few of their stories with you. Click on the image above to learn how he has made a real difference.